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Meet the Photographers

Meet Abby and Aaron. 


Abby has been a photographer for about a decade in varying genres. She has also worked with a renowned fashion photographer in the KC area. She has always had a passion for being able to capture and preserve those moments that would otherwise pass you by. She has been an art student since high school, and has a great attention to detail and artistic vision. She wants to bring your vision to life!

Aaron has always been interested in photography and the mechanics behind it. He is the technical one, making sure he knows how and why everything works while bringing the client's vision to life. He is also very artistic and has a knack for seeing things differently. For instance, he's been doing airbrush art for over 15 years. He is excited to be combining all of those talents into this photography venture.

On a personal level, Abby and Aaron met in a way that can only be described as fate. The similarities in their backgrounds are uncanny. They came to realize a similar passion for art, in many forms, and photography stuck out for both of them as the collective art form to pursue. One of their favorite things to do is to go on hikes, with cameras in hand, and shoot anything that catches their eye. They have four amazing kids (not goats) and spend a lot of time running them around to horseback riding and hockey. They have a drive to live a beautiful life and they portray that through their photography. They love to capture those important moments for their family and they are honored to be able to do the same for you.


What Clients Are Saying

“The experience was seamless and efficient. We were very pleased with the outcome of our photos. We will definitely be booking again!!”


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